The New DC Entertainment Executive Team

DC Entertainment's recent announcement of its new executive team is a step in the right direction and a bold signal that the company values its creative talent to call the shots as it develops its DC Comics characters for multimedia storytelling. 

The new leadership team consists of artist Jim Lee and editor Dan DiDio as Co-Publishers and writer Geoff Johns as the Chief Creative Officer. The triumverate will report to DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson.

It truly is a dream team of talent at the head of the company.  Lee illustrated the fan-favorite comics Batman: Hush as well as All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder and Superman: For Tomorrow.  DiDio spearheaded the bestselling Identity Crisis.  Johns wrote the popular Flash: Rebirth, the current Blackest Night saga, Smallville's "Absolute Justice" episode, and the storyline for the DC Universe massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.

The New York Times wrote about the new power structure: "The moves are not only a sign of the crucial role that super-powered types will continue to play in the media landscape but also an indication that their long-term fortunes will be managed more and more by the people who conceive and draw their comic-book adventures."

If nothing else it's a sign of faith that the driving forces behind the original comics can find a way to faithfully bring those characters to life on television, in movies, in videogames, and wherever else audiences crave some superheroic adventures.  The pieces are in place, now let's see if they can deliver.