Entertaining Dreams

Sometimes I wish I could charge admission to my dreams.  Last night, even though I lost an hour of sleep thanks to moving the clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time, I had a vivid dream that was action-packed and better than any movie I've seen in a while.  Maybe the shortened night made my dreams more lucid; maybe I woke up during the peak phase of Rapid Eye Movement. 

The scenes were spectacular -- labyrinthian subterranean passages, noirish cityscapes, outdoor banquets in fields of flowers.  A friend turns up dead and it seems like a suicide, but then upon investigating, it seems as if foul play has taken place, and suddenly we have a murder mystery on our hands.  All the suspects were familiar faces (I'll omit the names here to protect the innocent) and like all good dreams, unexpected twists and surreal turns kept things interesting.

When I woke up, I jotted down some of the details in my dream journal.  I've written about some dreams I've had before.  Sometimes, a character or an idea or even just an atmospheric mood from one of my dreams might spark my waking imagination.  Sometimes, they are only snippets, like the short stories that I turned into my anthology stage play Dream Fragments. Rarely is a dream so linear that it feels like a complete tale.

I might just have to write this one up.