A Lost Boy Gone Too Soon

TMZ broke the news this morning of the death of actor Corey Haim.  He was only 38 years old, another example of stars gone too soon.

He burst into fame as a young kid with a lot of charm and personality, earning rave reviews for his performances in the movie Lucas and in the short lived television series Roomies with Burt Young. He had noteworthy roles in some fan-favorite genre films, including Silver Bullet, Watchers, and one of my all-time favorites, The Lost Boys.

His career then became linked with fellow actor Corey Feldman -- they made a number of movies together.  In addition to The Lost Boys, they also starred in License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream.  Most of them were low-budget productions, and he didn't really have a mainstream hit after that.  In 2007, he reunited with Feldman for a reality show called The Two Coreys, exploring the former child stars' struggles and successes.  It was interesting to me, because in the past Feldman was perceived as the wild one and Haim seemed more of a clean-cut star, but then Feldman shaped up and turned his life around while Haim seemed to be stuck in his battle with personal demons.

Corey Haim had a lot of potential and it's a shame that his journey through life ended up being so brief.  I would have liked to have seen him make a comeback and recapture some of that early glory.  At least he leaves behind some wonderfully endearing performances. He will be missed.