Technology Even in Nature

Today was a beautiful day.  I spent it outdoors with my wife, daughter, and friends.  But even while enjoying the splendors of nature, I was connected to technology, just like many people all around me. 

Wherever I looked, I saw people enjoying the sunny, blue sky, the gentle breeze of the first day of Spring, the wonderful trees, flowers, and grass -- but many of them were also chatting on their phones, listening to their MP3 players, browsing the Internet on their smartphones and wireless netbooks, without a second thought. 

For many, it didn't seem to take away from their enjoyment of the outside world.  Access to New Media all the time has just become another part of life.  Some complain that they now receive work-related interruptions during their leisure time, but the flipside to that complaint is that many people now receive leisure-related interruptions during their work time. Being completely cut off from technology is now almost an unheard of thing. When it does happen, many initially feel lost, as if a life-support conduit has been severed. 

It certainly has become a brave new world, with amazing possibilities that past generations could only dream about.  Of course, the new technology is also changing us as a species, altering the way our minds work, how we communicate, how we interact with people and the physical world, how we absorb information.  I can only wonder what the future will hold for my kid and generations to follow.