Young Moguls

Many people dream of becoming Hollywood super-hyphenates -- you know, an actor-writer-producer-director-singer-etc.  It amazes me when kids manage to achieve phenomenal success at an early age.  The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, became multi-millionaire moguls before they were old enough to get their driving permits. 

I look at Hollywood kids with awe and envy, and also a bit of sadness that their youth is so encompassed in their careers.  It seems it is not enough to just be a huge success in one area, they seem to be pushed to be cross-media phenoms.  Selena Gomez is not only a teen actress starring in Wizards of Waverly Place but also a recording artist with a hit song playing on the radio.  Myley Cyrus has risen above her Hannah Montana stardom to become a mainstream singing sensation.  When I saw Cyrus as a guest on American Idol, giving advice to the contestants, most of whom were older than she, it made me think that even superstardom is probably not enough -- these teen celebrities have to keep striving for more.

There is of course a darkside to teen success stories.  Just look at the tabloid mayhem of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, not to mention all the kid stars wo have faced turmoil in their adult lives, from Gary Coleman to Todd Bridges to Corey Haim to Danny Bonaduce and others. 

Is early success a curse?