Great Female Action Characters

One of my favorite bloggers, Jill Pantozzi, (a.k.a. The Nerdy Bird) announced that she will be on a panel at the next Comic-Con in San Diego, and the topic will be "Where are the Action Chicks?"  The dearth of great female protagonists in general, let alone action stars, is no surprise in Hollywood.  There have been some strong action-oriented roles for women in movies -- Sarah Connor in Terminator, Ellen Ripley in Alien, Trinity in The Matrix, the Bride in Kill Bill.  Angelina Jolie has played a few, from Tomb Raider to WantedCharlie's Angels proved that audiences would flock to see a movie about ladies battling evildoers in kick-ass fashion.  And who can forget Princess Leia shattering the stereotype of damsels in distress by grabbing the blaster from her male rescuers and taking matters in her own hands as they escaped the Stormtroopers aboard the Death Star in the original Star Wars?

But, people seem to remember the flops more than the success stories: Tank GirlBarb Wire, Elektra, and Catwoman, to name just a few of the disasters.  Television has also had its share of powerful woman in action adventures.  The list includes Charmed, Sanctuary, AliasFringe, and Battlestar Galactica, plus its own share of failures, such as Dollhouse and Birds of Prey.

Here are some female action heroes I would like to see make a return to pop culture relevance.

Wonder Woman - Here is a superheroine that can stand up to any foe and is arguably as strong or stronger than any of her fellow heroes.  The Amazon princess was a big hit during her TV heyday when Lynda Carter dazzled audiences in her star-spangled costume and golden tiara.  A movie version has been planned for years.  It's time for DC Entertainment to get their act togerther and bring the beloved character to life on the big screen.

Barbarella - I love the campy film directed by Roger Vadim starring Jane Fonda as the spectacular "Queen of the Galaxy."  One of my favorite directors, Robert Rodriguez, was linked to a remake starring Rose McGowan, but that seems to have falled through.  Drew Barrymore was also attached to the project for a while.  Now, who knows the status?  I still think a new version would be excellent.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - This pop culture favorite began as a movie starring Kristy Swanson as a Valley Girl cheerleader who hunted monsters, and then became a hit television series with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the title role.  Rumors have persisted about a return to movie theaters and I hope they're true.  With vampires all over the place in entertainment, we could use a good vampire slayer out there!

The Bionic Woman - Oh, Jaime Sommers, what did they do to you?  You were such a success with Lindsay Wagner as the super-cyborg in the 1970s, but then the remake television show starring British actress Michelle Ryan was a complete mess.  I'd love to see a remake of The Six Million Dollar Man and hopefully see better version of the Bionic Woman on the silver screen too.

Supergirl - The Helen Slater movie was a big disappointment, but that doesn't mean the character isn't worth exploring again in a big budget motion picture.  DC is still trying to get the Man of Steel right, maybe they need to just skip the Last Son of Krypton and focus on his lovely cousin for a movie or two.

Xena: Warrior Princess - A spinoff of the Hercules television series, this show became a syndicated sensation.  I'm surprised they haven't considered bringing her back in a bigger, bolder adventure. 

Any other female action characters that you would like to see brought to life?