60 Minutes Keeps On Ticking

It is amazing that a primetime network television show that first aired in 1968 continues to earn good ratings.  It is even more amazing that the show is not a work of fiction like the bulk of other network TV content, but rather a news magazine program.  I am referring of course to the esteemed 60 Minutes on CBS.  It is the longest continuously running program on American network television and continues to draw audiences with its trendsetting brand of interview-driven investigative journalism.

This week, 60 Minutes scoops its competitors by providing the first interview with Conan O'Brien since the debacle with NBC when he departed as host of The Tonight Show.  I will be tuning in.  Even though he is bound by a contractual agreement not to disparage his former network or Jay Leno who replaced him, (the contract also forced him to avoid any interviews until May 1), I anticipate the interview to be revealing and compelling.  O'Brien has always been a classy professional, and I think he will stick to the agreement while still being honest and forthcoming about the must-publicized fiasco that drove him out of his dream job.

Tune in and hear what O'Brien has to say.  Now if only Andy Rooney could come up with some better material!