Iconic Houses From Movies and TV

The Amityville Horror house is for sale.  Yes, now you too can live in that home from suburban Long Island where gruesmone murders were committed and reports of supernatural mayhem spawned a series of scary movies.  Even though the owners renovated the facade so it looks different from the movie version, it still hasn't stopped curious onlookers (usually drunken teenagers) from driving by trying to catch a glimpse of the home of terror. The original house had those creepy-looking windows that looked like eyes, making it appear like a giant jack o'lantern, perfect for the haunted house tale that film makers wanted to tell.

Here are some other iconic houses that unfortunately are not on the market, but might be if someone makes the right offer.

Bates Motel - The neon sign might seem welcoming, but the Psycho movies made this a destination that travelers might want to avoid. Walk up those long steps and you might still feel the presence of Norman and his mother.  Whatever you do, definitely do not take a shower!

Overlook Hotel - From the mind of Stephen King, this enormous hotel in the middle of nowhere, haunted by ghosts from yesteryear, caused poor Jack Torrance to go crazy.  The best version of The Shining is still arguably the adaptation by Stanley Kubrick.  Redrum!  Redrum!

The Munsters Mansion - No home has epitomized the haunted house vibe better than this.  The knarly trees, the old roof, the creaking arched gate, the shutters banging in the wind, all in spectacular black-and-white.  Living inside, of course, were the happy-go-lucky monster family The Munsters who meant no harm.

Wayne Manor - Beneath playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne's stately mansion there lies the super-cool Batcave.  The home used for the Batman television series starring Adam West is always the version that comes to mind when I think of it.

The Brady House - The home of The Brady Bunch was designed (in the TV sitcom at least) by architect and family patriarch Mike Brady.  It looked pretty big, but it seemed to only have one bathroom that six kids had to share.  They kept Alice the maid in a room in the basement, and oldest son Greg eventually got his own room in the attic.  Fun times.

Those are my favorites.  Any others come to mind?


Marcos Mateu said…
Good post! fun to see 'normal' shots of these otherwise creepy looking locations.