Ideas for a Lost Finale Party

A lot of people I know will be watching the finale of Lost on Sunday night with friends and family.  Are you throwing a party for the television event of the season and are you stressing out for some last minute ideas?  Well, have no fear.  Like Jack during the pilot episode jumping to save his fellow castaways, here I come to the rescue.  Here are some ideas to turn your Lost theme party into a shindig to remember.

Ambience - As guests arrive, have some airline attendants (what used to be called stewardesses) greet them and take them to their seats, a la Oceanic Flight 815, settling them in for their journey to begin.  Offer them a pillow or blanket to make them comfy as they relax and wait for the party to start.

Decorations - Anything you can do to make your home look like an island is a no-brainer.  Maybe you don't want to throw sand all over your floor, but you might want to place some coconuts or big ferns to give the place a nice tropical island feel.  Also, add signs on the doors of each room, labeling them as different Stations.  The bedroom could be the Swan, the bathroom could be the Flame.  You get the idea.

Food - You probably can't serve wild boar and polar bear to your guests, but how about some Boar's Head brand coldcut sandwiches and Klondike ice cream bars for dessert?  Also, label all the other food and beverages with the generic Dharma Initiative logo.

Drinking Games - Assign each guest to be a character on the show.  Whenever they appear, have them gulp down a shot.  Folks who are Jack or Locke or Kate will get sloshed halfway through the show, but even the minor characters should have some fun.  I expect even some characters who have died might make some appearance in the finale.  Also, you can add bonus drinks for the guests who get creative and stay in character -- for example if your Sawyer decides to give each of your guests a unique nickname, or if your Desmond shouts "Penny!" if he finds a few strategically placed one-cent coins around your living room.

Party Games - Have a raffle and give away some party favors like toy airplanes or temporary tattoos.  Whoever gets the mystical Numbers gets the grand prize, whatever you decide it to be. 

Be Creative - Have a Black Smoke machine.  Sprinkle your guests with a cloudburst of water at sudden, unexpected times.  Have some pre-recorded whispers come from your speakers throughout the night. Play some Lost-inspired music.  If you have a friend named Charlie attending your party, annoy the heck out of him by repeatedly saying in your best Desmond impersonation, "You're gonna die, brother."

Have fun.  Print out a picture of my face and post it near your television set so I can be there in spirit!