New Shows Coming to ABC

Now that Lost is about to disappear into the sunset, ABC is desperately searching for another flagship television series to take its place.  The upfront market continues as each broadcast network showcases its new series for next season to advertisers, and now it is the Alphabet Network's turn.  Here are the new shows coming to ABC.

Better Together - ABC describes this sitcom as being about three couples with very different relationships all linked together by the women in them.

Body of Proof - Dana Delaney stars in this new procedural drama as a former neurosurgeon who becomes a medical examiner.

Detroit 1-8-7 - I know that cop shows are nothing new, but the cast for this one, set in Detroit's Homicide Unit, looks great, with Michael Imperioli and James McDaniel starring.

Happy Endings - This mid-season comedy stars Elisha Cuthbert and tells the story of a couple's break up leading to their mutual friends having to choose sides.

Mr. Sunshine - Matthew Perry returns to TV in this mid-season replacement sitcom about a manager of a San Diego sports arena going through a mid-life crisis.

My Generation - Filmed as a pseudo-documentary, this new drama looks at high school classmates ten years after their graduation.

No Ordinary Family - Michael Chicklis and Julie Benz star as a family who suddenly obtain superpowers.  Could this be a big hit, or a derivative Heroes wannabe?

Off the Map - Here's another possible mid-season replacement -- young doctors work at a medical clinic in a South American jungle.

Secret Millionaire - This reality show originally aired on FOX, but now ABC picks it up as a new show on its lineup.  It's about rich people going undercover for a week in poor communities.

The Whole Truth - Rob Morrow stars in this new legal drama.

We shall see if any of these new shows builds a following as loyal and intense as that of Lost.