New Shows Coming to NBC

This week, the broadcast networks announce their new lineup of television shows during their "upfront" sales presentations to advertisers. I will be looking at what each network has to offer, as I did last year. First up is NBC, which has the highest hill to climb after its failed experiment last season with The Jay Leno Show practically decimated its primetime lineup. Here's what's coming up on the Peacock Network.

The Cape - This mid-season replacement looks like it might be super-cheesy or a guilty pleasure. A policeman is accused of murders he did not commit and goes into hiding as his son's favorite superhero. The fan-favorite Summer Glau also stars.

Chase - Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who has given us a string of action-packed hits over the years, tries it again with this drama about U.S. marshals hunting fugitives.

The Event - Jason Ritter stars in a familiar conspiracy theory plot in which he uncovers a massive cover-up while investigating the disappearance of his girlfriend. We shall see if they can breathe new life into a stale premise.

Friends with Benefits - Oh, how NBC wishes it had its old hit comedies back again during their peak! Here's a mid-season replacement comedy that follows the lives of a group of twenty-something-year-olds.

Harry's Law - David E. Kelley produces another legal drama, this time starring Kathy Bates in this mid-season stand-by.

Law and Order: Los Angeles - The New York set original has been jettisoned to make way for this La-La Land spin-off.

Love Bites - Here's an interesting little premise for a comedy - an anthology series of interconnected vignettes about love, sex, and romance with weekly guest stars. The pilot episode features appearances by Jennifer Love Hewitt and Greg Grunberg.

Outlaw - Jimmy Smits is back on TV in this new drama where he plays a Supreme Court justice who quits in order to return to private practice. Seems farfetched, but I'll give it a shot.

Outsourced - This sitcom examines the misadventures that ensue when a Midwest American company is relocated to India.

The Paul Reiser Show - In this mid-season replacement comedy, based on Paul Reiser's semi-autobiographical story, an actor tries to deal with life after his hit television show is off the air.

Perfect Couples - Yet another mid-season candidate follows the antics of three different couples.

School Pride - In this reality show, communities give their local schools a make-over.

Undercovers - Producer J.J. Abrams brings us the adventures of a husband and wife who happen to be spies.

Will any of these new shows save the once-proud network?


MediumRob said…
I've got vids if you want them
Nick said…
Sweet! Which one do you think has the most potential?

I feel bad but not surprised that they cancelled Heroes. I hope they wrap it up with a mini-series.
Peter said…
I wonder what Dave Letterman has to say about NBC now...