Pictures of My Production of Romeo and Juliet

Yesterday was opening night of our production of Romeo and Juliet.  Great energy, great audience, great way to kick-off the weekend!  For more information visit - seating is limited and there are only 4 more performances remaining during this one-weekend-only run, so purchase your tickets in advance if you can.  I believe tonight is already sold out.  I have two performances on Saturday and then another matinee on Sunday, so I probably will not be able to post another blog entry until Sunday night.  Thanks for understanding.

Here are some publicity images for the show. The production takes William Shakespeare's classic tale of star-crossed lovers and sets it in 1877 Verona, South Dakota, turning the infamous family feud into a post-Civil War Wild West conflict between families from the North and South now living in the Western frontier.  It's a Deadwood-style interpretation of the beloved tale.

At the very top of this post is a picture of Joe Laureiro who plays Romeo Montague.

This is a picture of Nick Byrne as the Prince, a Confederate soldier trying to keep the peace in the fictional town of Verona, South Dakota.

Here we see Peter and Sampson from the House of Capulet (played by Dylan O'Brien and Emma Green).  That's me as Friar Lawrence peaking past the grave. I play the Friar as a grizzled minister who has seen enough death in the Old West town.

Above is the patriarch of the Capulet clan, played by David Wetter.

This is a cool picture of Shah Motia as Tybalt.

Here's a shot from a dress rehearsal of the production, with Mercutio (played by Sean M. Grady), caught in a Mexican standoff that would make Quentin Tarantino proud.

The rest of the cast includes Samantha Cole as Juliet, Lisa Spielman as Lady Capulet, Brian Leahy Doyle as both Montague and Friar John, Brad Crownover as Paris, Elizabeth Mialaret as the Nurse, and Han Shik Liu as the Apothecary.

It's been a great experience so far.  Looking forward to the rest of the performances.