The TV Season in Review

Another television season is drawing to a close and now it's time to look back at what worked and what failed, what surprised everyone with their overachieving success and what disappointed everyone with their shortcomings.

Let's take a look network by network:


Modern Family came out of nowhere and became one of the funniest shows on television. 

Lost is in the throes of its final episodes as it wraps up its thusfar masterful run. 

The network did its best to try to develop a new show that might replace Lost as an audience grabber.  Some, like Eastwick, failed quickly.  Others, like Flash Foward and V still have hurdles to climb.

Happy Town is new but has been generating some very positive reviews.


The reality show Undercover Boss was a surprise hit.  The reality show followed top company executives as they mingled in disguise with the rank and file that worked for them.  It is a feel good show that opens the eyes of the bosses to what their workers really go through.

The move of Medium to CBS went smoothly.  It is still a terrific show about a woman whose precognitive dreams help her solve heinous crimes.  The heart and soul of the show, however, is her interaction with her family.  I hope it gets renewed for another season.

The medical drama Three Rivers flopped and was quickly cancelled, one of a bunch in the genre that failed to attract an audience.

Surivivor: Heroes vs. Villains was a guilty pleasure, bringing back some fan favorites from seasons past, both good guys and bad guys.  The highlight was watching Boston Rob overcome his villain label and really become a heroic character.  The low point was watching him fall victim to the machinations of the conniving mastermind Russell. 

The C.S.I. franchise kept going strong.  At this rate, they should just create a show about a Crime Scene Investigation unit in every major city in America to fill in all the network's timeslots.

The Big Bang Theory reached super-hit status becoming one of the must-see comedies on television.

The Amazing Race had another entertaining season, and my wife became hooked on it.


The Vampire Diaries became a hit, even though the first episode failed to grab my interest. Bloodsuckers are still a force to be reckoned with.

Supernatural had one of its best seasons yet with an epic story arc about angels vs. demons and the beginning of the Apocalypse.  If you're not watching this show, you're missing a really cool adventure with surprises in each episode.

Smallville was hit and miss with me.  I really enjoyed seeing the stories move to Metropolis and seeing characters from the comics like Zod and the Justice Society.  I'm still annoyed that they have Clark Kent wearing a black outfit instead of the traditional Superman costume.  The series has ventured into dark territory and I hope they manage to recapture some of the positive elements of the early seasons in which the atmosphere and moral tone really captured the essence of the characters from the comic book.  Now, even though they are adding more story elements that are reminiscent of the comics, the mood is often anti-Superman and more evocative of other, darker franchises.


The network had a string of successes, from the cartoon The Cleveland Show, to the mega-hit Glee, to the comicbook adaptation Human Target.

American Idol, even though suffering a slight ratings drop, still continued to draw millions of viewers. 


The big news was the disaster created by The Jay Leno Show.  Not only did it practically kill the network's prime time lineup, it also threatened its late night shows when they pushed Conan O'Brien out and gave The Tonight Show back to Leno.  Boo!  Hiss!

Viewers flocked to Community, a hit new comedy.

Heroes continued to stumble and its future seems more and more in doubt.

The Winter Olympics were probably the only event that the network could boast about this season.

I'm still waiting for the show Day One to debut.

The networks will announce their new lineups for next season in a few weeks.  We'll see what new shows they have in store.