Who Is the Best TV Mom?

Mother's Day is this weekend.  Which character on television is your favorite family matriarch?

There are so many to choose from -- Roseanne Connor, Clair Huxtable, Shirley Partridge, Carol Brady, Lucy Ricardo, even cartoon moms like Jane Jetson, Wilma Flintstone, and Marge Simpson.

My vote goes to Marion Cunningham on Happy Days, or Mrs. C as she was affectionately called by The Fonz and Richie's other friends.  She was the stereotypical mom who nurtured her family, loved her husband and kids, but also had a feisty, independent side. 

As you celebrate Mother's Day with your own moms, or remember fond memories if your mothers are no longer with you, or if you're celebrating the day as a mom yourself, let's also take a moment to toast Mrs. C and other fictional moms as well who brought us so much entertainment on the boob tube.


SK said…
Will not a TV mum . . I think the most memorable on screen would have to be Stifler's mum. Bringing MILF to the the next generation.