Bring Myst to Television

As ABC and other networks seek to find a television show to recreate the success of Lost, might I suggest an adaptation of the groundbreaking computer game Myst?

Myst was atmospheric and beautifully designed, allowing the player to explore the detailed worlds of the game in non-linear fashion, discovering clues and solving puzzles that opened doorways to additional worlds.  It is a fantastic premise that would make an incredible television series.

Just as it revolutionized video games, if done right Myst could be a trendsetting TV show, possibly sparking a new genre.  Check out the possibilities: like the game, the story could be told through a first-person point-of-view in which the viewer is a key character in the story as he/she confronts an assortment of incredible landscapes, settings, and characters.  Also, each episode could end with a puzzle and viewers could be encouraged to go online to try to solve the puzzle themselves before the next episode airs. 

Why Myst hasn't already been optioned for TV is a question that perplexes me.  It seems like a no-brainer.  Maybe we'll see it happen someday.