DK Eyewitness Companions

Even though I have been reading books on my Kindle ever since receiving Amazon's electronic reader as a birthday gift, there are some books that I enjoy in their hardcopy print editions.  The "Eyewitness Companions" series from DK Publishing is a great example of the type of book that will arguably always be sought after by readers and never have to fear e-book competitors, not even the full-color touchscreen iPad and its clones.

The "Eyewitness Companions" are a series of wonderfully designed guide-books on a variety of topics, from Religions to World History to Wines to Baseball to countless others.  Each is loaded with beautiful photographs and illustrations. The books are compact in size, making them easy to carry, but they are also hefty in content, providing hours of reading pleasure.

My home library collection already has a bunch of them: Art by Robert Cumming, Mythology by Philip Wilkinson and Neil Philip, Astrology by Julia and Derek Parker, and my favorite Film by Ronald Bergen.

There are "Eyewitness Companions" about Golf, Whiskey, Fishing, Philosophy, Weather, Architecture, Opera, and Beer

DK Publishing produces some fine, large hardcover illustrated books, covering the history of various comic book titles, the broad spectrum of science and nature, and beyond.  But the "Eyewitness Companions" are a delightful gift for anyone who has a passion for a specific topic or for anyone who just wants a series of great books.