Hollywood is Turning to Facebook Games for Movie Ideas

I read on Ain't It Cool News that the popular Facebook and smartphone game, Mafia Wars, will be made into a major motion picture.  Hollywood, always on the lookout for new material to adapt for the big screen, now is turning its sights on social networks and the games people play there. 

My mind started reeling with visions of the future.  Forget the superhero genre boom, now it is time for the ultimate trend -- movies based on Facebook games!  (Pardon my sarcasm.) Picture the possibilities -- there's a long list of silly games that folks play on Facebook, so moviemakers are salivating at the thoughts of turning those games somehow into films and getting those millions of people to pay money to come to theaters and watch the games come to cinematic life.  Mafia Wars seems to be an easy fit since gangster movies usually attract cult followings if not mainstream blockbuster audiences.

Other Facebook games might be a little more difficult to adapt.  Farmville, for example, boasts 11 million daily players, but it might take a true Hollywood visionary to turn it into a solid movie.  Same thing applies for Lil Green Patch -- can they make a movie out of watching flowers grow?

There are thousands and thousands of games out there, such as Friends for Sale, Pet Society, Restaurant City, and Treasure Isle.  But just because they are successful leisure entertainments in one medium, does that mean they can work in another?  Roleplaying games are probably the easiest to adapt because they have some pre-existing characters and fragments of storylines -- that's why it is no surprise that Mafia Wars is now in development.  Another one with potential is Dungeon Quest, and maybe even YoVille, a SIMs-type game.

Originally reported on Pajiba.com, all we know about the Mafia Wars movie is that Ted Field and Radar Pictures are developing the project.  We shall see if this is the beginning of another annoying trend or if this might actually turn into a film worth watching.


Anonymous said…
Stop leaving vapid comments on better blogs just to pimp your generic nerdom lists and old news, or we will come for you.
Nick said…
anonymous, sorry you don't like my comments or my blog. I'll consider taking the link to my blog off my signature. I try to make all my comments, however vapid, ontopic and heartfelt. And I respect all the blogs I visit. My own blog is just a one person show that I write daily, just my own views on pop culture stuff. I make no pretense to compete with the big boys. Thanks for the feedback.
Peter said…
OMG. I hope Farmville doesn't make it to the silver screen!