Another Poll Ends, Another Begins

One of the many things I enjoy about my blog, City of Kik, is my frequent public poll.  My last tally has concluded and a new question is up. 

The most recent poll that has just drawn to a close asked, "If you could keep one form of entertainment, and had to get rid of the rest for life, which would you keep?"  The winning answer by a large margin (60%) was "Books."  The nearest runnerup was "Music."  "Live Theater" and the "Internet" tied for third.  The other answers that were selected, in order of popularity were "Movies," "Television," "Sports," and "Other." 

My new poll asks, "Which current technology trend do you hate the most?"  The options include "Social Media," "3D Movies," "Smartphones," "E-Readers," "Digital TV," and "GPS Devices."  As always, I've added "Other" in case you have another answer that I haven't listed.

So let me know.  You have until the end of September to vote.