Fan-Made Sequel to King's Quest

One of the classic adventure computer games of all time was the King's Quest series from Sierra Entertainment (now part of Activision).  Eight different games in the saga were released from the early 1980s until 1998.  A ninth game was under development but never released.  Now, a sequel created by fans, is finally available after a long process to get it to the public -- called The Silver Lining, it does not have the King's Quest brand, but it has the blessing of Roberta Williams, designer of the original games.  The first chapter is available for free download and additional chapters will be released soon.

My wife, Juliana, was a big fan of King's Quest (as well as Sierra's other adventure games, Space Quest and Police Quest, and even Leisure Suit Larry).  She loved the role playing nature of the game, exploring different environments, searching for hidden clues, solving puzzles, gathering objects, confronting mythic creatures, all within an on-going story about the royal family of the Kingdom of Daventry.  Sierra may eventually release an official ninth King's Quest game, but until then, fans have The Silver Lining to tide them over with a tale of old King Graham on a quest to rescue his cursed children.

Roberta Williams, who not only designed all the King's Quest games but also co-founded Sierra, praises the new fan-made game: "Now there is a chance to find out what happens to the royal family of the kingdom of Daventry.  This game is very true to the original series and features many of the storylines and characters...I found it beautiful and fun to play. I, too, like many other fans, would like to see how this story unfolds!"

Hopefully, The Silver Lining will not only satisfy diehard King's Quest fans but also delight new gamers.  I also hope that the success of the new free version might spur Sierra to fast-track the completion and release of the long-awaited official new King's Quest game.  It is long overdue.


Geof said…
I was a huge fan of the Sierra game series as well. Larry and the Quests. Not to mention the Phantasmagoria installments.