Green Lantern Revealed

The cover story of Entertainment Weekly's San Diego Comic-Con issue is a sneak peak at DC Entertainment's upcoming Green Lantern movie, with the first official look at Ryan Reynolds in costume as the emerald Justice Leaguer.  I'm sure this will generate a lot of buzz for the film as convention goers, the blogosphere, and mainstream media debate whether or not the new comic book adaptation will be a hit or a miss.

As I've written a couple of times in the past, turning a superhero costume that has been, up until now, merely illustrated in bright comics colors, into a real world outfit is always a challenge.  On the comic book page, it's easier to render and to accept the traditional masks and tights that superpowered heroes wear.  For the big screen, slight modifications are to be expected, but will they work?

Based on the cover image in Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Reynolds certainly looks the part of Hal Jordan as the hero with the cosmic ring, chosen to protect the Earth.  The green glow from the ring, unfortunatately, makes his hair look like it's been given a green dye-job, but that's a minor quibble.  His eyes are given the spooky silverish look of Storm from X-Men or Gary Mitchell in the classic Star Trek episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before."

The costume is pretty faithful to the version drawn in the comics, but it has a texture to it that gives it an organic appearance.  It reminds me a bit of the costume John Wesley Shipp wore in The Flash television series -- spongey.  Even though in this image it almost has a Swamp Thing feel to it, I guess it's better than tights.

The costume also emits a glow through the seams, adding a nice "cosmic power" touch to the whole thing. 

One thing that consistently bothers me with DC Comics characters on the big screen is their masks.  Usually bulky and over-designed, (see examples in Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, and The Watchmen), in this case, Green Lantern's mask seems almost painted on.  Which is fine, but the make-up effect seems overdone around the eyes.  Like with Batman, it looks like the character had to add green eye-shadow around his eyes before donning his superhero outfit.  That annoys me.  From a distance, I'm sure it's fine, but close-up shots could be distracting.

As always, we'll have to wait and see what it looks like in action when the movie debuts next summer.  What do you think?


Jon said…
I REALLY don't like the eyes. I have a hard time understanding why they take away the ability for us to "communicate" with the actor in these roles.

To me, this is GL:

So, fix the eyes, let us see his expressions even while wearing the suit and be done with it.

Although, truth be told, most of the action in the green suit will be CGI.

The rest of the suit is pretty sweet though...
Nick said…
Thanks, Jon. Alex Ross really knows how to capture the true essence of all those classic heroes, doesn't he? That's a great link to an awesome Green Lantern image.