If I Had My Own Sports Talk Radio Show

There are at least two contests going on that give average joes like me a chance to win the opportunity to be a radio host for a sports talk program.  New York's sports radio station WFAN-AM is holding auditions in July 2010 as part of its "Fantasy Phenom Challenge," offering the winner a chance to star on a weekly sports show that would air on the station for a year.  Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is presenting a competition called "So You Think You Can Talk Sports?" in which finalists will compete for the prize of co-hosting a two-hour show with Russo on his Sirius XM satellite radio channel, Mad Dog Unleashed. Even though I have other things on my plate and therefore will not be competing, I think I would make a fine talk radio host.

I am not a living sports encyclopedia, and my love of sports leans mostly toward baseball, but, nevertheless, given the chance to host my own radio show, I would emphasize my strengths, which include my knowledge and affection for pop culture, as well as my theatrical background. 

Some of my friends say I have an "NPR voice," that calm, soothing style you hear on National Public Radio -- I'm assuming that's a compliment, and not an insult (implying that I'm deathly dull).  Here's a link to a podcast interview I did on NYTheatre.com about theater in the Bronx.  Tell me what you think.  Am I ready for primetime?  :)

My imaginary show would be called Sports Pop with Nick Leshi and it would cover the types of sports topics that I tend to write about on my City of Kik blog.  Here's a list of past essays I've written to give you a sample:

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To be honest, if I did manage to land a broadcasting gig, my show ideally would be about popular culture in general, the broad world of entertainment from movies to television to theater to comics to speculative fiction and beyond, not just sports alone.  I think that is a segment of the talk radio universe that is sadly underrepresented.  So if any producer out there wants to hire me and put my voice on the airwaves, let's talk.  ;)