New Yorkers React to LeBron's Decision

To say that New York Knicks fans are disappointed with LeBron James' decision to play with the Miami Heat is an understatement.

My sport of choice is baseball, of course, but I know many die-hard basketball fans, and they all recognize King James' immense talent and what he can bring to any team.  Fans of the New York Knicks have been yearning for a championship since 1973.  The Knicks have not even been very competitive since the Patrick Ewing era.  It is no secret that the franchise had its eggs in one basket, aiming at having James as the centerpiece to rebuilding into a contender again.  But LeBron apparently didn't want to rebuild, he wanted to win now, so he chose Miami. 

I think his choice is the easy way, and his legacy might have been greater if he came to New York or stayed in Cleveland.  But only time will tell how history will judge him.

For now, Miami fans are ecstatic and other cities are vilifying him.  New Yorkers, of course, were ready to embrace him with open arms and cheering hearts, but now the words used to descibe him are laced with profanities.

Here are some of the less raunchy comments that some of my friends have made after hearing about LeBron's decision. 

"He could have been King of New York, instead of Prince of Miami."

"Lebron is a bum and might as well have signed with the Yankees...taking the easy way out rather than actually build a legacy on his own."

"LeBron James is now Scottie Pippen."

"Lebron's Drama finished... Miami will NOT win next year. Heard it here first."

"Noooooooooooooo.....LeBrooooon.......Miami is gonna be unstoppable now."

"Never been so heartbroken....!%&* u lebron"

"Lebron needs Wade to win the title...lowlife"

"Say it ain't so Lebron!!!!"

But no matter how upset New Yorkers might be to see their hopes dashed, it could be worse -- imagine what it must feel like being a Cleveland Caveliers fan where they were burning LeBron jerseys in effegy.