Shakespeare Fans and Lost Fans, Unite!

William Shakespeare's play The Tempest has inspired many retellings, most famously the wonderful movie Forbidden Planet.  It was one of many literary references in the hit television series, Lost.  (Remember the Tempest Station and the brilliant episode "Tempest in a Teapot"?)  Now, it all comes full circle with a new stage version of The Tempest set in a world eerily familiar to fans of Lost.  Produced by Lawn Chair Theater, directed by Tal Aviezer, the show will have a limited engagement at Lyon Park in Portchester, New York, on August 12-14, at 7 p.m.

The show's Facebook page offers this tantalizing description:
"A modern re-imagining of what is thought to be Shakespeare's last play, borrowing plot elements from the hit series Lost, which in turn, borrowed elements from the original play, this show is a condensed version of The Tempest, involving a luxury airplane crash landing on a mysterious and exotic island. Conflicts of preexisting hidden political agendas, betrayal, and desire are exposed when the elite passengers are stranded alone, save a few scarce inhabitants -- the island's powerful, mystical King who has ties to their past, and a few feisty, instigating, supernatural beings."

Shakespeare's tales never grow old!  If you're still mourning the conclusion of Lost, come see the classic that inspired some of it.