A Year on OS and Some of the Writers Who Inspire Me

It has been a year since my first blog entry appeared on Open Salon ("Superman Needs a Cape"), so I thought what better way to commemorate the occasion than to look at some of the other OS writers I've discovered.  Their blogs and their feedback have been inspirational and always fun to read.  Here's a list of some of them, along with a favorite blog entry they've written -- I selected only ones that were not chosen as Editor's Picks, in the hope that this might gain some of their less heralded essays some more exposure. 

Bob Calhoun
Frank Frazetta, Fantasy Art Innovator, RIP
Tribute to one of the greatest artists of fantasy

Paul Levinson (Open Levinson)
Myopic Critique of the New ‘We Are the World’
Great review of the remake version (for Haiti) of the 1980s hit song (for Ethiopia)

Scott Mendelson
Three of a Kind
A fascinating look at classic Part 3’s in film history

Caroline Hagood (Culture Sandwich)
A Thank You Letter to Sophia Loren
Beautiful images, beautiful essay.

Stim (Stuff That Interests Me)
30 Movies to See Before You’re 30
Even though there are other great films I'd include, I can’t argue with the list. Great topic for discussion.

Gary Justis (Love, Like a Burnt Twinkee, Must Stick)
A Kryptonian Hearts the World
An above-average Superman essay

Harp (The World According to Harp)
I am Smaug
Lovely essay about dragons and heroes

Rob St. Amant
The Supernatural and Me
An interesting examination on things that supposedly cannot be explained
King Kaufman (The Future of Journalism)
If Man First Walked on the Moon Today
Katherine Mieszkowski reports, with a great video, on how TV news would cover the first lunar landing if it happened now.

Meander61 (Slow Roasted Too)
Valentine’s Day
Review of the sleeper hit movie (and I love his series of “Crush” photo-essays)

Adrian Nothnagle
Thoughts on ‘Avatar’
Raises some great ideas to talk about with anyone who has seen the movie

Scott Christian
We Are All Addicted
From the first line, “America has become a nation of crack addicts,” he had me hooked.

Procopius (Thoughts on Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going)
The Declaration and Jefferson’s First Draft
A thought-provoking read
Trudge164 (I. Trudge)
Ten Open Salon Bloggers Who Influenced Me
An inspiration
MadTypist (Truth, Justice, and Tacos)
Favorite OS Posts of 2009
Another inspiration

So You Think You Can Dance – Healing the Broken A.I. Heart
A look at the popular television dance competition
Juliet Waters (All That Is Necessary for the Survival of the Fittest)
Book/App Review: The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ
Analyzing Phillip Pullman’s latest work of fiction

Schopenhorror (Phobianomicon)
Top 10 Alien Movies? My Own Take…
He goes on to list 19 great films
Some Thoughts on ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’
Awesome essay on the Frank Capra classic

10 Bestsellers (That Have Yet To Be Written) By OS Writers
Always fun to read
David Brin (Tomorrow Happens)
Ruminations on ‘Lost’ (Before the Finale)
Good stuff from a great writer
Jay Busse (Suicidal Utopia)
Robin Hood and Heroes: What’s Our Fascination?
A compelling look at anti-heroes
TinkererTink69 (The life and Times of a Deranged Computer Programmer)
The Day I Killed a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Bus Driver
Wild and crazy ruminations always manage to amuse me
Do the Grand Masters Matter Anymore?
Thanks for the shout out, kind sir. Great blog essay about the relevance of Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, etc.
’City Island’- A Movie About Family and Not a Family Movie
Terrific review. Makes me want to run out and see the film.
Steve Blevins (Borborygmi)
Christmas and the Evil of Amazon.com"
He unapologetically trashes A Christmas Story, one of the greatest cult movies of all time.
Saturn Smith (Orbital Matters)
The Problems of Presidential Succession
I would vote for Saturn Smith

The Biblio Files
What Are Your Worst Books of 2009?
Even the crappy books need some love and attention – or hate and derision.

Kent Pitman (Speaking Out in the Open)
Movie Madness
Another shout out, thank you! Good essay about movie previews ruining the film-going experience.
Charles Manson, Still the Face of Evil
Gave me chills.

Maria Stuart (Life After Newspapers)
Soupy Sales, Alice Cooper, and a Bug
Nice little tribute to Soupy Sales.

John Blumenthal (Blogging a Dead Horse)
Why I’m Not Shakespeare
He always manages to make me smile.

Kathy Riordan
The Brilliance of Christopher Guest
An underrated actor/comedian gets some much-deserved love.
Apache Savage
Major Influences from My Youth
You can’t go wrong with the Three Stooges, Lucille Ball, Ozzie Osbourne, Stephen King, etc.

Walter Blevins (Just Walt’s Mental Meanderings)
Why is Newsweek for Sale? Because Newsweek Sucks
Always spot-on with his commentary
Nikki Stern (It’s Always Something)
Filter Free
I always love good essays about writing
“From the Realms of Things I Do Not Understand: Jackson Worship
I confess, I adored Michael Jackson, but this essay was still fantastic.

Robert Brenner (Dummy)
Book Review: Forget Iron Man 2…
A look at superheroes in novels

Travis D’Arby
All We Are Saying is Give Women Directors a Chance
A exploration of the Hollywood system in which female filmmakers are woefully underrepresented.

Steven Axelrod
A New Demographic for the iPad
Makes sense to me.

Scott Rosenberg (Words From Another Yard)
Why Can’t Journalists Handle Public Criticism?
Excellent, excellent, excellent.

Designanator (Eclectic Thoughts)
“Cruel Summer” is one of the best songs ever.
Dave Cullen
Claire Danes is Everywhere. About Time.
I’ve loved her in everything she’s appeared in, even Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Becky Boop (Contemplating the U.S. Navel)
Katy Perry is Ruining My Life
What a great writer!

NerdyJen (The Nerdy News)
I’m Not New, Just Unread
She’s always a joy to read.

The Film Warriors
Movie Magic: Night of the Bat
Uncle Billy reminisces about seeing Tim Burton’s first Batman movie.

’True Blood’ Season 3: Now With 100% Organic Werewolves!
An excellent look at the premiere of the new seasons of one of the best shows on television. I’ve read the books and the TV show still continues to surprise me.

Catherine Forsythe
600 Home Runs and the Dilemma of Alex Rodriguez
Brilliant as always.

LemonPulp (When Life Game Me Lemons, I Made Lemonade)
The Terminator Can Kiss My Ass
Criticism of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Colleen Claes
Best Speeches in (Recent) Oscar History
I truly get a kick from her ruminations.

Carole Hallundbaek (It’s Not the End of the World)
Summer 2010: My 20th Year Without Television
Simply amazing.

Jerry DeNuccio
What Books Are For
Even though I’ve become a diehard Kindle ambassador, this essay reminded me why I used to collect so many print books.
Cranky Cuss (Cuss Words to Live By)
Here’s My Two Cents’ Worth About LeBron
One of my favorite writers on the Internet

MovieGeekJN (Old School Reviews)
12 Movies
And they’re all excellent.

PlaceboStudman (Studman’s Soapbox)
So Bad They’re Good – Not Your Average Movie Classics
I love, love, love this list.

I better stop there or I'll be writing this all night.  My apologies to the many other writers I've left off the list.  Maybe next year I'll do a sequel!


Jenn (Saturn) said…
Thanks, Nick! It's nice of you to make such a compelling list (and I'm honored to be included for the Presidential Succession piece). Cheers to your one-year anniversary!
Paul Levinson said…
Belated comment to say honored to be on your list, Nick!
Nick Leshi said…
The greatest thing about Open Salon and what I'll miss the most is the wonderful community that flourished there