Cinematic Game Design

Looking at the trailer for the upcoming videogame DC Universe Online fills me with awe at the level of graphics and storytelling in today's games.  View the trailer and judge for yourself.  I would argue that the designers and developers working on DC Entertainment's videogames should be given a shot at making some CGI animated movies or even some live-action films featuring the DC superheroes.  I have embedded the YouTube video below but click the link here if you have any trouble seeing it.

The trailer is a mini-movie introduction of the game and not indicative of the gameplay itself, but nevertheless its photorealism is breathtaking with impressive character and set designs.  The action is thrilling and the plotting is great. 

DC's game designers have proven themselves before -- I have enjoyed what they have done in DC vs. Mortal Kombat and the amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Teasers for the sequel Batman: Arkham City look equally impressive.

As the live-action superhero genre peaks and ebbs, maybe it is time to consider some more ambitious animated projects.  Maybe the rumored Justice League movie can work as a computer generated action/adventure movie.  A successful feature film on such a scale might inspire Disney to hand over its Marvel Entertainment characters to Pixar and see what they can do.

Until then, DC Entertainment continues to bring us some outstanding games that should please many gamers out there and entice many new people to give videogames a try as an excellent form of escapist entertainment.


Peter said…
Absolutely cool!