Discovering the Gregory Brothers

Have you heard the "Bedroom Intruder Song" yet?  Not since Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain" has an Internet song dug itself into my brain with such force, refusing to unleash its grip, riding my Temporal Lobe as if it were a mechanical bull, refusing to fall off. 

The song has become a viral video sensation with a bazillion views on YouTube and as of this writing was a top 20 download on the iTunes Pop Chart.  Created by the talented Gregory Brothers, it is further evidence of how New Media can propel people from relative obscurity to overnight sensations. 

The Gregory Brothers are a Brooklyn-based band with genuine musical and comedic skills.  Best known for their often-hilarious Auto-Tune the News remixes, their debut album, Meet the Gregory Brothers, is a neat little collection of soul tunes, proving that there is more to their lyrical gifts than meets the eye.

Evan, Andrew, Michael, and Evan's wife Sarah, were already getting some buzz before this, (check out their interview on Wired's marketing trends blog "The Hopkinson Report").  But after taking a viral newscast (click here to see it) and giving it the Auto-Tune treatment (click here for the video remix that hooked me), their fame has reached the sudden-celebrity stratosphere.

Using the actual voice of Antoine Dodson, the young man who defended his sister from an intruder and then expressed his uninhibited reaction on-camera, warning the alleged, would-be rapist that "we gonna find you," the Gregory Brothers turned clips from the news broadcast into an addictive ditty, transforming Dodson into an instant star.

Now, the Gregory Brothers and Antoine Dodson are reaping the rewards of the lightning that they have caught in a bottle.  How far can they take it?  I, for one, hope that they have more up their sleeves.