Great Shows About Science

NOVA on PBS isn't the only great show that explores science in an entertaining way without always talking down to its audience.  I've been a fan of The Universe and Naked Science, among others, and now there are two new programs to add to the mix: Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman and Wonders of the Solar System.

Naked Science on the National Geographic Channel has been a favorite of mine for a while.  Covering everything from astronomy to extreme weather to quantum physics, the show is very entertaining.  Upcoming episodes include "Earth Without the Moon" and "Lightning Chasers."

The Universe on the History Channel blends great visual effects with thought-provoking ideas exploring the planets and beyond.  Tune in this month for "Sex in Space" and "Mars: The New Evidence."

Through the Wormhole on the Science Channel is hosted by the always excellent Morgan Freeman.  In addition to his charisma and unmistakable voice, Freeman brings a personal touch to each episode, often inserting memories from his childhood into the narratives that examine questions we've all had, such as "Is There a Creator?" and "Is Time Travel Possible?"  Those moments really ground the series and make viewers able to connect, even when the topic delves into mindblowing areas like black holes and "quantum nonlocality" (I'm still trying to figure that one out!)

Wonders of the Solar System was produced by the BBC in partnership with the Science Channel.  Professor Brian Cox looks at marvels here on Earth to try to fathom and explain the mysteries of our solar system.  The show provides information about our Sun, the search for alien life, and more.

Let's not forget Nova.  It continues to live up to its promise of making science exciting.  Evolution, technology, aviation, and biology are just some of the many areas explored by the public television classic.  

Shows like these prove that TV isn't always just a vast wasteland.