Alex Proyas to Direct Paradise Lost

Director Alex Proyas has been selected by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures to helm their ambitious production of Paradise Lost.  The adaptation of John Milton's epic poem, originally published in 1667, is a daunting project, but the central battle between the angel armies led by Lucifer and by Michael could make for an action-packed, special-effects-driven blockbuster.  In the hands of Alex Proyas, I am confident that it will be visually stunning.  I just hope that he does not ditch too much of the free-verse poem's characterization and romanticism -- and it would be cool to keep at least some of Milton's beautiful language in the story.

Proyas has proven himself to be an excellent director, a visionary who can create very atmospheric films.  The Crow, one of my favorites, launched him to prominance, bringing great emotion (aided by a memorable final performance by Brandon Lee) to a revenge-themed action flick based on a little known comic book. Dark City, starring Rufus Sewell, William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland and Jennifer Connelly, might not have made too much money at the box office, but it has become a cult classic. Will Smith's I, Robot, while not very faithful to Isaac Asimov's source material, was still an enjoyable sci-fi motion picture.  Knowing was another underrated film, even though I am not always a big fan of its star Nicolas Cage.

I look forward to seeing what Proyas can do with Milton's centuries-old classic.  I just hope he has the freedom to do it his way without too much studio interference.