Congratulations, Donnie Baseball

The Los Angeles Dodgers made a wise choice in selecting Don Mattingly to be the new manager to replace Joe Torre next season. 

Die-hard fans of the New York Yankees will always have fond memories of the man who was one of the greatest team Captains of all time, a role model in pinstripes, the guy affectionately nicknamed "Donnie Baseball" for his many accomplishments.

Don Mattingly never won a championship with the Yankees, it was an era in which the Yankees could not even make it to the playoffs.  Yet, Mattingly managed to be one of the shining lights of an otherwise dim time in the history of the Bronx Bombers. 

A hardworker who still carries himself with dignity, he might never make the Hall of Fame for his stats.  Plagued by a bad back during the last years of his career, I still relish the memory of seeing him reach the playoffs at long last during his final year as a ballplayer.  He probably could have stuck around a little longer, but like some other Yankee legends before him, he knew when to call it quits. 

The Yankees went on to win the World Series the next year and start a new era of impressive victories, but fans will never forget his contribution to the game.  I hope the Dodgers appreciate and recognize the class act they have in their midst.  Maybe Mattingly will finally lead a team to victory and earn himself a long-overdue and well-deserved World Series ring someday.