Dark Tower Movie Trilogy and TV Series Confirmed

One of the most popular fantasy epics is The Dark Tower by Stephen King, a saga that spans seven novels (with an eighth book on the way according to King).  The anticipation by fans for a live-action adaptation can finally be sated -- Universal Pictures and NBC Universal Television Entertainment announced that they have greenlit a movie trilogy and television series based on the popular franchise that has already launched excellent games and comic book versions.  The adaptation rights to the property are held by director Ron Howard, producer Brian Grazer, and writer Akiva Goldsman, and they will finally bring the project to life.

Nikki Finke's Deadline broke the story, calling the ambitious plans "unprecedented" in their scope, and SpinOff Online reports: "Howard will direct the first film in the series, followed by a full-length television season that would reunite all of the major Dark Tower cast and crew members on the small screen. Once the second film hits theaters, a second season of the television series will air, drawing influence from Marvel’s prequel comic series that depicted Roland Deschain as a young gunslinger. The third film would be the final entry in the series, rounding out the story of Roland’s journey towards the fabled Dark Tower."

This sounds like exactly what the epic tale deserves.  I can't wait to see the adventures of Rowland the Gunslinger, Randall Flagg, and all the others on screen in movie theaters and on television.