Jane Badler Returns to V

Fans of the original V television show are happy to learn that actress Jane Badler, who played the wicked alien leader Diana in the 1980s, will be appearing in ABC's revamped show.  Badler will play the mother of Anna, the current lizard-in-disguise Visitor.  Her character, a rebooted version of the original Diana, will be locked up in a cell aboard the mothership, and viewers will finally get a glimpse of the alien's homeworld since her prison will holographically resemble the V planet.

Jane Badler was a primary reason for the success of the original, personifying the bad-lady role to perfection, adding to the show's campy goodness in each scene she was in.  Whether it was watching her jaw extract to swallow a gerbil or blast a Bible, she was the ultimate villain, someone that audiences enjoyed rooting against as she continued to do shocking, unpredictable things.  No ambiguous shades of gray with Diana!

She would attack both her human enemies and her fellow invaders with equal energy.  And she had some of the best, cheesy lines of the show.  Slapping the human resistance fighter Julie in the face, she chided, "You need an attitude adjustment, my dear.  And it will be my pleasure to give it to you."  Right before killing her political alien counterpart Pamela, she exclaimed, "Goodbye, Pamela.  Consider this an early retirement."  Right before shooting the alien figurehead leader John in the back, she boasted, "You stupid, feeble man! If it hadn't been for me, you'd still be trying to decide where to land on this planet! You and your petty, idiotic intrigue, wondering who was in charge! I was in charge! I directed this entire operation, while you made pretty speeches! I had the power, and you wore the crown!"

It will be fun to see her back on V.  I hope the new writers give her just as much juicy opportunities to shine as she had before.