A Little Girl Proves Me Wrong on America's Got Talent

Back in June when America's Got Talent started its latest season, I posted my reaction to it.  Among my various comments and random critiques, I wrote: "I think children should be barred from the competition unless they are truly remarkable, equal to or surpassing the finest adult performers. Otherwise, they turn the show into amateur hour, or worse, an explotation of their unrefined talents. Also, they should limit the number of singers who make it to the finals -- there are other talents much more entertaining to watch, but those acts usually seem to be kicked off early for some reason and we end up with a string of b-rate singers, turning America's Got Talent into a poor-man's version of American Idol."

Not only did I disparage young performers, I also denounced singing acts.  Well, along came a little girl named Jackie Evancho who proved me wrong on both counts.  This child has an amazing voice, terrific stage presence, and definitely deserves to be a finalist on any professional performing arts competition.  Her opera singing is good enough for me to want to buy a ticket to see her live on stage.

I'm a fan of some of the other acts that have talents easily suited for Las Vegas, but there is no doubting that little Jackie Evancho made me eat my words by proving that she has the skill to compete with the older, more experienced men and women on the show.  Just like the first time I heard Charlotte Church sing, I think Miss Evancho has a brilliant career ahead of her.


Its a great tv shows i really liked. Through these type of reality shows,common people gets an opportunity to show their talent.

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