MAD: The Animated Series

Finally, the comedic genius of MAD magazine will be adapted into a cartoon television series.  Unlike the live-action MADtv, which was successful and had its adoring fans but was inspired more by the skit comedy format of Saturday Night Live, the new show, airing on the Cartoon Network, seems to be a much truer adaptation of the humor magazine's content.

TV Guide describes the new MAD cartoon as "a chaotic mix of animation styles and off-the-wall sketches designed to capture even the shortest attention spans. And the spoofs will be aplenty."  

If that sounds a bit like Robot Chicken, one of the highlights of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup of off-beat animation, then you are right.  The new MAD show will be a similar 15-minute-episode format with machine-gun-rapid segments, but where Robot Chicken is claymation, MAD will be traditionally animated line drawings, reminiscent of the legendary artwork in the long-lasting magazine.

The live-action MADtv rarely used any material from MAD magazine, but the new cartoon promises to be loaded with familiar styles of "the usual gang of idiots" from the classic mag -- Sergio Aragones, the late great Don Martin, etc.  The animated show will have appearances by "Spy vs. Spy" and other regular characters from the magazine.

Most importantly, the cartoon will continue MAD magazine's legacy of satire, spoofing anything and everything in the wide world of pop culture, entertainment, media, and politics.  Tune in and enjoy the MAD-ness.