BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010

Sorry I can't attend this year's BlogWorld and New Media Expo which is taking place in Las Vegas October 14 through 16.  But for those of you who are there, enjoy the fun.  Those of you who are like me and are unable to be there in person, here is the programming you'll be missing:

Opening Keynote: Stand Up, Stand Out, Stand Together - presented by Mark Penn (former communications advisor for President Bill Clinton) and Karen Hughes (former communications advisor for President George W. Bush)

What Do Labels Really Want from Bloggers/Social Media

Creating Killer Content

Content Creation vs. Content Sharing

Using Analytics to Listen to Your Customers

The Role of Social Media in Patient Care

Social Media Glossary

The Art and Science of Scaling Social Media

7 Blueprints for Business at the Speed of Now

Filtering the Noise: Who's Talking About You Online?

Social Media: Force Multiplier for Spouses?

Finding Readers for Your Blog

Be a Visionary: How to Harness the Power of Video

How to Turn Friends into Fans and Customers

Social Media and the C-Suite: Selling the Board Room

5,000 Bloggers: Finding the Right Ones for Your Destination

Full Access Networking Luncheon

Ideal vs. Field: Social and New Media in Less Than the Best Circumstances

The Blogger Killed the Author and the Publisher Hid the Body

Developing a Fail-Proof Content Production Cycle for Your Blog

How People are Using Social Media to Improve Their Health

How to Mess Up Your Blog

Like It or Spike It: A Hard Look at Social Media Case Studies

Bringing the Bloggers Home: Doing Blogger Tours andd Being Yourself Without Resorting to Jurassic PR

Keynote: Convergence of Media and the Future of Unscripted Drama on the Web

Media and the Military

How Magazines are Using Social Media to Curate Culture

Is the Real Estate Blog Dead?

Making Money from Your Blog

WordPress 3.0: What's New and How You Can Leverage It

Creating Customer Loyalty Using Social Media

How to Survive a Snark Attack

Your Own TV Station and Movie Studio: Using Online Video Effectively

BlogWorld After Hours Party

Keynote: State of Digital Communications in Politics

The Funniest Blogger You Know: You!

Get Discovered

How Networked Non-Profits Use Twitter to Change the World

Podcast 101

The Current State of Podcasting

How to Write a How-To for Your Blog

Monetizing Your Blog

Photography Tips for the New Media World

Creating a Great Blog from Nothing

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

The Brand of You: How to Build a Profitable Social Media Based Business

Setting Up Your Digital Kitchen

Mom Bloggers: Blog for Money Not Swag

Using the Social Web to Fuel Real World Social Action

Investigative Journalism Tips for Bloggers

Getting Sponsors for Your Podcast

How to Run a Successful Webinar Business from Your Blog

Harnessing the Power of Numbers: Creating a Blog Network

Digital Crisis Communications

Are Dad Bloggers the New Mom Bloggers?

Adsense Optimization

Travel Blogging as a Second Career

Working with Brands

Crowdsourcing Campaigns for Causes

How to Get Media Coverage for Your Business or Blog

Expirable vs. Evergreen Content

Mobile Vlogging: Producing and Sharing Video from Your Smartphone

32 Ways to Make Your Blog Suck Less

How to Turn Your Blogging Hobby Into a Full Time Job

PR in a 2.0 World

Content You Care About: Tools for Bloggers

How to Create Mouthwatering Content So Your Readers Come Back for More

The Business of Product Reviews: Ethics, Etiquette, and Legalities

How to Land Your Dream Job in Social Media

Does Your Blog Create a Great Reader Experience?

The Future of Web Video

BlogWorld Opening Night Party

The 7 Harsh Realities of Blogging for Bucks

Live Streaming

Understanding Video Formats

The Web Browser is Dead, the Apps are Taking Over

How to Package Your Thoughts into Messages and Your Messages into Money

Managing Group Blogs

Getting Noticed: Building Your PR Plan

Food Trends: Curating Flavors on the Web

From Blog to Book

Non-Profits and Mobile Applications

Increase Your Audience Size Through Accessibility

The Triple Play: Streaming, Podcasting, and Blogging

How to Sell Your Blog

Ethics and Social Media Marketing

5 Strategies Bloggers Should Learn from Online Marketers

Leveraging Traditional Media

Closing Keynote: New Media Live Talk Show