A Documentary About the Origins of Hollywood

Film buffs, set your DVRs, because there's a great documentary series coming up on Turner Classic Movies -- Moguls and Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood.

Narrated by Christopher Plummer, the seven-part documentary will explore the early days of Tinseltown and the evolution of the film industry.  The first episode, "Peepshow Pioneers," looks at Thomas Edison's invention of the Kinetoscope and the first narrative movies like The Great Train Robbery. Episode 2, "The Birth of Hollywood," profiles people like Carl Laemmle who created Universal Studios and chronicles the first blockbuster films, such as the controversial Birth of a Nation by D.W. Griffith.  The third chapter of the series, "The Dream Merchants," showcases the great Samuel Goldwyn who made MGM a Hollywood powerhouse.  The fourth episode, "Brother, Can You Spare a Dream," details the impact of movies during the Great Depression and looks at people like Howard Hughes.  Part 5, "Warriors and Peacemakers," takes place during World War II and shines the spotlight on noteworthy figures like Darryl F. Zanuck and movies like Citizen Kane.  Episode 6, "Attack of the Small Screens," tells the compelling tale of cinema's survival in the face of television's success, while looking at moguls like William Fox of Twentieth Century Fox.  Finally, in Episode 7, "Fade Out, Fade In," we are shown the dramatic change in the filmmaking of the 1960s, a decade that saw the death of one of the greatest producers of all time, David O. Selznick.

The documentary begins on November 1 and concludes on my birthday, December 13.