Hey Yankees, Win It For Freddy

The New York Yankees lost some icons this year: Bob "the Voice" Sheppard and George "the Boss" Steinbrenner.  Another one passed away on Sunday -- the ultimate fan Freddy Schuman.

Anyone who has been to a game at Yankee Stadium might remember seeing or hearing the presence of Freddy with his homemade signs of inspiration, banging a spoon on a shamrock-painted pan for good luck. 

His personality was as colorful as his"Freddy Sez" slogans.  Even during the dark, now-forgotten days when the Yankees would lose more than they would win, Freddy would be there, cheering his team on.  I remember hearing the clang-clang-clang of metal on metal in the distance and getting a sense of hope.

Many called Freddy the Bronx Bombers' "unofficial mascot."  For many of us, he represented the joy of the game, a symbol of how baseball keeps all of us, no matter how old, forever young at heart.

As the Yankees continue their run for another championship, I hope they carry the memory of one of their greatest fans in their hearts.  Rest in peace, Freddy, and make sure you let the Babe, the Scooter, the Mick, the Iron Horse, Joe D., and all the other Yankee legends in the Great Beyond get their turn banging the lucky spoon.