Poll Results: Backlash Against 3D


Hollywood numbers-crunchers can provide stats and figures to justify the investment in 3D technology and the higher ticket prices for 3D movies.  They can argue that the 3D trend is drawing more people to movie theaters and boosting profits at the box office.  But I am noticing a definite backlash against the wave of 3D motion pictures that have washed over us during the past year, with no end in sight as more 3D films await on the pipeline.

I asked readers in a recent (non-scientific) poll on my City of Kik pop culture blog, "What current technology trend do you hate the most?"  The overwhelming answer with 66% of the votes was 3D movies.  No other answer came close.  Social Media, Smartphones, E-Readers, Digital TVs, GPS devices, nor any other new technology generated more than 20%.

I agree with what some other critics have mentioned: 3D is distracting and takes us out of the moment.  Also, I think the success of 3D movies has been overstated.  Was Avatar a record-breaking hit because it was filmed in 3D, or was its success based on the fact that people wanted to see a new special effects loaded science fiction film directed by James Cameron who hadn't given us an epic like this since Titanic?  Would Tim Burton's interpretation of Alice in Wonderland have been a hit even if it had not been in 3D?

I am sure there are people out there who absolutely love the new three-dimensional cinema experience.  I do not begrudge them.  I simply think the current 3D fad will pass, and audiences will once again be more interested in story and characters than optical illusions.

But I could be wrong.  I remember in my younger days arguing with a friend of mine that digital film will never supercede celluloid and I have since been proven wrong.  Will 3D become the standard and prove me wrong again?