They Don't Make Halloween Costumes Like They Used To

Now that we have a daughter, my wife and I suddenly are much more aware of how far Halloween costumes have evolved from our youthful days.  Elaborate animal get-ups, realistic superhero attire, outfits that look like they are directly from a big-budget Broadway musical or the backlot of a Hollywood movie studio. 

It makes me jealous and, at the same time, nostalgic.  I can hear the voice of comedian Dana Carvey doing his "grumpy old man" routine, remembering the Halloween costumes of yesteryear: Back in my day, we didn't have no fancy-shmancy All Hallow's Eve costumes.  We had hard plastic face-masks that made us suffocate, tied around our craniums with a thin rubber band that would dig into our skin or SNAP and poke our eyes out.  But we LIKED it.  In my day, we didn't have no fine-fabric-costumes that dazzled the eye.  We wore toxic, flammable, mass-produced smocks that were one-size-fits-all.  But we LIKED it, we LOVED it.  Back then, we couldn't afford bazillion dollar exact-replicas of authentic costumes.  Instead, we improvised, running around in our Underoos pretending to be Tarzan or wearing a red towel around our shoulders pretending to be Superman. And we LOVED it.

Okay, my bad impersonation of Dana Carvey is over.  But you get my point.  Halloween costumes have gotten much better.  I still remember the Six Million Dollar Man costume I had as a kid, the face mask looked nothing like Lee Majors' Steve Austin character.  But I remember loving it, and when I wore it (barely able to breathe through the tiny little holes) I WAS the bionic man.  I hope kids today get the same thrill, the same enjoyment, the same opportunity to express their creativity and imagination as my friends and I did back then when the costumes were simpler but the fun was unsurpassed.


Anonymous said…
Those were the days, though it *was* kind of hard to breathe through those masks.