A Visit to Van Saun Park's Zoo

We were supposed to go to Sesame Place today with the family, but my little daughter was feeling a little under the weather and I was still fighting a bit of a cold so my wife and I decided to go some place closer.  My mother-in-law suggested Van Saun Park where she used to take my wife and sister when they were kids.  The zoo there is a terrific site to visit.  We hopped on the train ride and then walked through the grounds, enjoying the exhibits.

Cute animals seem to be the best medicine.  We were all cheered by bobcats, ocelots, condors, tapirs, mountain lions, spider monkeys, porcupines, and other cool creatures.

I'm a huge fan of the Bronx Zoo, but sometimes I forget that the smaller zoological parks can be just as educational, entertaining, and enriching.