When Work Invades My Dreams

Sleep is supposed to be a respite from the rigamarole of waking life.  You know you've been working too hard when the details of your day job creep into your dreamscape. 

I keep a dream journal, jotting down whatever I remember from my slumber, and looking back at the entries I have made, I see that many of my recent dreams have been variations of actual scenarios from the work I do during most of the day when I'm awake.  Even in the blissful rest of sleep, I cannot escape the grip of work.

It is understandable that if I spend hours and hours doing something, it will inevitably appear in some form in my dreams.  If I'm performing in a show, I tend to see myself on stage in my dreams.  If I'm on vacation, my dreams often become more imaginative and enjoyable.  And so, when I spend long stretches of time on a labor intensive project, such as the last few weeks, it is no suprise that even in my sleep I cannot hide from the details that ensnare my mind during the bulk of the time that I'm awake.

Dreamland should be an escape, a haven from the stresses of everyday life.  Instead, the more all-encompassing work becomes, the harder it is to find solitude even in the seemingly safe oasis of slumber.