The Best Online Source for Music Information

If you are looking for information about a song, a band, a singer, an album, where do you turn?  The greatest online resource has to be  What IMDb is for movies and television, AllMusic is for music.

The Web site describes itself as "a place for music fans to indulge their passion... the most comprehensive music reference source on the planet." 

Every time I have looked up a tune or a performing artist or an album (whether brand new or decades old), I have never been disappointed, always finding information quickly and easily.  The site is impressive, covering seemingly every music genre out there: Pop/Rock, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Electronic, Latin, Reggae, International, and Classical. 

The next time you need to find the discography of a performer, or look up who sang a particular song, or read some reviews of a new album, there is no better place to go than