DC and Marvel Go Digital

The two big comic book publishers, DC and Marvel, have finally embraced new technology and are offering their titles digitally to be read on computers, smartphones, and other mobile electronic devices.  No longer are these comic strip adventures limited to print publications. 

Marvel has been distributing its products via Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited since 2007.  It is a monthly subscription service, providing new titles and digitized classics from the Marvel archives. 

DC recently launched the DC Digital Comics Store, powered by Comixology.

Both offer free comics and free excerpts, hoping to attract new readers.  I personally have been enjoying seeing comic book content in the new media.  Print sales of comic books unfortunately were hurting before digitization had an impact, so maybe e-comics might be the financial savior of the comics industry. 

As Hollywood turns to Marvel Entertainment, DC Entertainment, and other comic book publishers for ideas, I am glad to see that new avenues are being explored to find audiences for the comic book stories that still have a place in our popular culture.


MediumRob said…
It's more a Comixology thing than either a Marvel or DC thing, at the moment though. They're basically slowly sticking on old runs of the comics at a $1.99 an issue. There's a few free intros and origin stories to particular ranges (eg Infinite Crisis, Birds of Prey, Green Lantern, Green Arrow), but there's no particular rhyme or reason to most of them - Wonder Woman has three volumes, but there's no volume one, just volumes two and three. Volume 2 is one issue from the 60s, while volume 3 has 13 issues (two released per week) from Jodi Picault's run in 2007 and Gail Simone's The Circle - oh and one issue from JMS's update of the title this year. Black Widow has one issue only, Red Sonja has one free introductory issue and then went straight into Queen Sonja instead.

And so on.

It's nice they're doing it, much better than having a great big pile of paper comics around, but they're obviously on a shoestring budget and just trying it out for the first most part.
Nick said…
Very true, Rob. But I guess baby steps are better than no steps at all.