Defending Katy Perry

Poor Katy Perry.  Once again she is catching flack for flaunting her cleavage.  First Sesame Street banned a seemingly innocent video she shot with Elmo, and now VH1 has apparently altered a promotional poster for her appearance on the special Divas Salute the Troops to tone down her buxom figure.  Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway posed naked for an Entertainment Weekly cover story to promote their movie Love and Other Drugs, but they didn't spark nearly as much controversy.

Maybe all of this attention to Katy Perry's breasts is a planned publicity stunt to sell more albums and generate more media appearances for the pop singer.  After all, none of this measures up to the Janet Jackson Super Bowl nipplegate controversy, does it?  Ms. Perry is one of those celebrities who pushes buttons with her song lyrics, with her music videos, and with her wacky attire on stage.  I assume her curves are natural, so is it so improper for her to show a little cleavage?

I understand that there are legitimate feminist arguments against the objectification of the female body, and I hope I am not being too politically incorrect when I defend her.  But I honestly think the backlash against Katy Perry is much ado about nothing.  Her music is catchy pop fluff, her public persona is nothing more than a prefabricated variation on what other Top 40 music stars have been doing for years, so why the uproar over what, to me, seems to be very minor incidents?  Is it over-reaction or is it justified?  Personally, I'm more upset about Katy Perry marrying Russell Brand.