A List of Thanks

On this Thanksgiving Day, 2010, I am grateful for many things.  Here are just a few:
  • My wife, Juliana -- my best friend and soulmate
  • My daughter, Tori -- I feel blessed every day to have such a miracle in my life
  • My family -- my parents, my sisters, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, my in-laws; I'm so lucky to have such a big and loving family
  • My friends -- you all mean the world to me
  • My co-workers at the Garden -- you're like an extended family to me, I cherish all the creativity and passion you bring to the job
  • The readers of my City of Kik blog -- many of you have been following my ramblings for years when I started the City of Kik newsgroup, now many of you are following my words on Blogger, BlogCritics, or OpenSalon.  I'm grateful that you all take the time to read my essays and share your feedback with me
  • My fellow actors -- thanks for letting me play, on stage, on screen, even during those intimate little readings with only a handful of people in the audience, you feed my spirit
  • The Communications Department at Fordham University -- thanks for the opportunity to be an adjunct professor next semester, I'm really excited about that
  • All the teachers in my life -- you've left a positive mark and I hope I can do the same for others
I'm sure I've left many others off this list, but there are too many to mention.  I'm truly grateful for everyone who has crossed paths with me during my life.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.