Thank You to a Wonderful Cast and Crew

A bit of sadness always sweeps over me after the end of a theater project.  The conclusion on Saturday night of our production of Laughter on the 23rd Floor was no exception.  This truly was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had on stage in a very long time, thanks especially to the incredible cast and crew I had the pleasure to work with the past few months.

After all that time rehearsing with them and then performing with them, it is understandable that a great bond would develop among all of us.  It happens in virtually every production that requires an investment of time, energy, and emotion, but with this particular show it felt much stronger than ever. 

So I extend my thanks to all of you in the crew: director Tal Aviezer, producer Joseph D'Alesandro, stage manager Elliott Robinson, lighting and set designer Jason Bolen, sound designer German Bosquez, props master Howard Brundage, costume coordinators Holland Renton and Fatah Campbell, lighting technician Jill Conklin, sound technician James Evangelista, set constructor Michael Guy, box office manager Sal Longarino, house manager Ida Longarino, house committee volunteers Rosetta Grasso, John Liszewski, Lucille Loiselle, Terry Molnar, Angela Perri, Stephanie Schwartz, Stanley Shapiro, Sharon Spenser, and Norma Valvolizza, and Center Stage Playhouse Board of Directors.

Thank you to my fellow cast mates: Ed Bartosik, Jocelyn Brown, Sarah Isaacson, Dan McCallion, Keith Maxwell, Matthew Preston, Ed Walsh, and David Wetter.  It's been a pleasure working with you on this.  I'm especially grateful for the bonds of friendship that we developed.  I know this is hyperbole, but I feel like the line that Ira Stone says at the end of the play rings true for the production as well, "We just lived through history."


Talisman Brolin said…
It was a fantastic time! So glad I got to see your wonderful performance!!