30 Years After Bloom County

Last year, when I wrote about great comic strips that are no longer around, I described Bloom County as "probably my favorite comic strip of all time."  When I learned that yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the debut of Berkeley Breathed's classic strip, I gave it some thought and I can officially say that there is no "probably" about it -- Bloom County is tops on my list. 

It was a short-lived strip, lasting only nine years, but it had great storylines, outrageous humor, and unforgettable characters.  While Opus the Penguin, Bill the Cat, Steve Dallas, Milo Bloom, and Michael Binkley were the most popular, the entire cast of characters had memorable moments.  My fave was probably Oliver Wendell Jones, the brilliant little computer hacker who caused mayhem with every clever project he attempted.  Then there was the noble, wheelchair-bound, Star Trek loving, Vietnam veteran Cutter John.  Even minor characters like Hodge-Podge, Portnoy, Bobbi Harlow, Lola Granola, Milquetoast the Cockroach, and Rosebud the Basselope, all made me laugh.

There were a couple of spin-offs over the years -- Outland and Opus -- but the original run is still difficult to beat.

If anyone wants to get me an awesome birthday or Christmas gift, the multi-volume complete collection of Bloom County would be an excellent choice.