Always Looking for Ideas

Since starting my City of Kik blog last year, I have posted over 600 entries. I have managed to post a new essay every day, missing only a few days when my daughter was born and one day when I had minor surgery last January.

I am always looking for new ideas for blog entries.  I jot down "evergreen" ideas in my notebook whenever they come to me, ideas that I can write about whenever I am stuck for a topic. 

My interests are widespread.  Even though I focus on popular culture, that encapsulates a lot -- television, movies, science fiction, fantasy, comic books, sports, technology, theater, music, acting, writing, and on and on.

What topics should I write about that you would like to read? As long as it's pop culture or entertainment related, it is all fair game. Let me know.

I already received some suggestions from friends and colleagues today when I asked them that question.  One said, "Since it's December 7, how about reviewing the Michael Bay movie Pearl Harbor?"  My answer was, "I already did, back in 2001."  Here's the link to my old review of that terrible film, which I had posted on my newsgroup almost a decade ago.  Someone else wanted me to write about the current events story involving WikiLeaks, but so many have written about it, I do not feel as if I have anything new to add to the discussion at this time.  But keep the ideas coming.

I am an equal opportunity blogger. I have already posted essays by "guest writers" and shared snippets of reviews and debates written by friends and family.  So let me know your ideas.  It might spark my imagination.