DirecTV, Bring Back G4

As a DirecTV satellite television subscriber, I smiled in smug satisfaction as I watched the highly publicized media corporation battles that kept certain networks off the air, from the Food Network on Cablevision to ABC and FOX on Time-Warner, and others.  Now, karma has come to teach me a lesson.  The niche network G4, which had a lot of programming that I watched regularly, has been removed from the DirecTV lineup since November.  Apparently, DirecTV does not see the value in the network known for its "geek culture" programming, and G4 refuses to budge from its asking price (according to them, the same price they were getting from DirecTV for the past three years).

I have expressed my thoughts in the past about what a joke the entire television rating system is, but even if G4 is indeed attracting only a tiny fraction of DirecTV subscribers, those subscribers should have the option to have the network as part of their service, especially if they subscribe to the premium package. 

G4 has plenty of fun, informative shows that viewers cannot find elsewhere -- Attack of the Show (which I praised in a previous blog post), Web Soup (a hilariouslook at content on the Internet), X-Play (TV's most-watched gaming show), Campus PD (Cops for college kids "when college life gets out of control"), American Ninja Warrior (an extreme obstacle course competition), It's Effin' Science (a show that isn't afraid to reveal how cool science can be), Movies That Don't Suck (the network airs great movies like The Crow, Batman, Dazed and Confused, Red Dawn, WarGames, RoboCop, etc.), and other entertaining programs.  The network is not limited to gaming and tech, nerdiness, besides videogames and technology news, it covers the broad spectrum of fandom, everything from movies to music to TV to comics and beyond.  Its live coverage of Comic-Con and other conventions is unrivaled. Its short-lived but excellent documentary series G4 Underground covered topics as newsworthy as salvia abuse and as cool as Steampunk.

Except for their treatment of G4 (and their failure to provide a high-definition TiVo brand DVR in a timely fashion), I am very happy with my DirecTV service.  I just hope they hear and address my concerns and bring G4 back soon.


jesusl.dishnet said…
I would definitely be mad if I had Direct and I am sure that all their customers' prices will stay the same. I am happy to have DISH Network and strongly recommend them to anyone interested. They are rated the #1 in customer satisfaction compare to other satellite and cable providers. I actually work at DISH and can guarantee they give more value for your money.
Nick said…
To be honest, tohugh, I've been very happy with DirecTV.