Pop Culture Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday, so here are some pop culture wishes as I blow out the candles on another year.

1.  I wish the new HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones lives up to my expectations and captures the brilliance of George R. R. Martin's books.

2.  I hope I live to see Episodes 7, 8, and 9 of the Star Wars saga.  May George Lucas be wise enough to let someone else direct them and help him with the scripts!

3.  I wish that they eventually get the Hulk right in either the upcoming Avengers movie or the rumored new television series produced by Guillermo del Toro.

4.  I hope the Yankees win yet another World Series, with or without Cliff Lee!  As long as it's not the Red Sox.

5.  I wish I could see more movies and plays in theaters during the next year!  Maybe if the theater owners would reduce their skyrocketing ticket prices.

6.  I hope Zack Snyder doesn't screw up the new Superman movie.  Fingers crossed that Christopher Nolan gave him some good ideas.

7.  I wish the Steven Spielberg dinosaur time travel TV show Terra Nova lives up to the hype.

8.  I wish the new Michael Jackson album scheduled to be released tomorrow has some good songs in it that will live up to the King of Pop's musical legacy.

9.  I hope people keep reading, enjoying, and commenting on my daily pop culture blog!

10.  I pray for peace on Earth and a Kindle for everyone!