Should Cookie Monster Host Saturday Night Live?

Betty White has made it trendy for people to campaign to host NBC's long-running sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.  I have previously written in support of Carol Burnett's campaign.  Now, Sesame Street's Cookie Monster is auditioning for the job.  Personally, there are other Muppets I would like to see host first -- Kermit, Grover, even Fozzy would be funnier, but Cookie Monster certainly would not be the worst choice for hosting duties. 

There have been some really awful hosting appearances in SNL history, including the infamous one by Andrew Dice Clay, the sleep-inducing attempt by Steven Seagal, or the bizarre choice of unfunny Steve Forbes.

Some celebrities are so great at it, they have hosted multiple times -- Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hold the esteemed record, hosting Saturday Night Live 15 times each!  (Martin holds the record for most guest appearances with 22.)  A few others who are on the coveted list of repeat hosting appearances ("the Five Timers Club," hosting SNL five or more times) are Tom Hanks, John Goodman, Christopher Walken, and others. 

Some hosts have consistantly been great and I welcome their return to hosting duties, including Justin Timberlake, Drew Barrymore, and Jon Hamm.  Some have been beyond bad and were embarrassing to watch: Rudy Giuliani, Billy Martin, Nancy Kerrigan, or Tom Green.  Some have surprised me with their unexpected comic ability like NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and some have disappointed me, because I was expecting better than the mediocre result, like Quentin Tarantino.  Some celebrities I wish would host more, like Eddie Murphy or Jim Carrey.

SNL hosts are selected because they are in the pop culture spotlight of the moment -- whether or not they are funny, can act, or have any bit of stage presence seems to be an afterthought.  Usually they are plugging a new movie or a television show or an album, or they are in the news in relation to politics, sports, or some other headline-grabbing incident.  Many hosts's appearances are quickly forgotten.

The Muppets have been hilarious in the past, and even funnier than some human comedians at times.  The Cookie Monster campaign is mostly a spoof of the other more serious campaigns out there, but it is not such a far-fetched notion.  SNL has had kids hosting, whose live appearances were past most other kids' bedtimes, how much worse would the Cookie Monster be?. Who knows, maybe he might be so good that he will become one of the classic hosts of all time.  Then again, maybe not.